74 mini-reviews to help you find a great book to read next

Feeling lucky? Pick any number between 1 and 74, then scroll down and you’ve got your next read.

David Bauer
10 min readJan 3, 2022


1. Sum: Forty tales from the afterlives, by @davideagleman.

40 clever, funny, thought-provoking short stories on what life after death could look like. Loved the breadth of imagination.

2. How Democracies Die, by Steven Levitsky and @dziblatt.

An excellent dissection of the mechanisms that turn democracies into autocracies. A chilling read in the wake of the Trump presidency.

3. The Future We Choose, by @CFigueres & @tomcarnac.

Practical advice that strikes the right balance. What you, as an individual and consumer, can do. And what you, as a citizen and employee, should expect (and demand) from governments and corporations.

4. Twilight of Democracy, by @anneapplebaum.

Been reading this over the past couple days and, well, didn’t expect it to be *that* timely. Then again, the book explains nicely how none of this is particularly surprising.

5. The Life You Can Save, by @PeterSinger.

Finally got around to reading this classic. Core argument: Your money can save lives, so you should give it away unless you need it for something nearly as important. Inspiring.

6. Stuff You Should Know, by @josh_um_clark and @moviecrushpod.

Worse, but more descriptive title: Stuff you didn’t think would be interesting, but actually is when researched and told by curious minds.

7. Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows, by Melanie Joy/@BeyondCarnism.

It’s really fascinating what a difference in perspective introducing a new word — carnism — can make.

8. We Should All Be Feminists, by @ChimamandaReal.



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