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  • Alexis Lloyd

    Alexis Lloyd

    Ethical design and weird machines.

  • Brian Donohue

    Brian Donohue

    Makin' that @instapaper

  • Marie-José Kolly

    Marie-José Kolly

    Journalist with 💕 for data @RepublikMagazin. Linguist. Before: Data journalist @NZZVisuals. More: mariejosekolly.ch.

  • Angela Guo

    Angela Guo

  • Alex Selby-Boothroyd

    Alex Selby-Boothroyd

    Head of data journalism at The Economist

  • Beni Buess

    Beni Buess

    @livingdocsIO — before @NZZEditoTech — code for journalism

  • Jeremy Bowers

    Jeremy Bowers

    Engineering director at The Washington Post. Foodie. Dilettante oenophile. Espouser of obscure baseball statistics. Believer in coding hubris. Runes and such.

  • Anna Wiederkehr

    Anna Wiederkehr

    American designer with a background in journalism, interface and visualization design located in Zürich. Currently Head of Graphics at @NZZ

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