A Guide to Becoming a Happy Newsletter Writer

The year is 2023. You have a newsletter, obviously. Now how do you make it successful? Wrong question.

  • you want to start your own newsletter and not get frustrated after three months.
  • you write a newsletter and it often feels like a burden.
  • you’ve given up writing your newsletter and need some motivation to pick it up again.

1. Write it for yourself

2. Pick a frequency that works for you

3. Mute the unsubscribes

4. Take breaks when you need to

5. Make sure you enjoy writing

6. Don’t look at your subscriber list…

7. …but also do look sometimes

8. Beware of going paid

9. Don’t compare yourself to others

10. Relax



Journalist, curious generalist. www.davidbauer.ch. Sign up for my newsletter: http://weeklyfilet.com 📨✨

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