Introducing Dystopia Tracker

How many times, in those past twelve months since May 2013, have you read about or heard the names Edward Snowden and George Orwell right alongside? The massive-scale surveillance Edward Snowden revealed has indeed been compared a lot to the dystopia described by Orwell in «1984». We’re both fascinated and irritated by those connections — because we feel we had this coming. We just didn’t pay enough attention.

Mass surveillance might, to date, be the most extensive example of a reality that has been anticipated. Yet it’s not the only one. A lot more has been predicted in the past. And a lot more is becoming reality these days. We live in a time where predictions about the future are becoming realities at an ever faster pace.

Whenever some new technology is invented, a new app or device is released, new legislation is passed, you’ll encounter comparisons to past predictions in articles and talks. And of course, there have been efforts to draw a bigger picture (like this infographic of «Books that predicted the future» that I like a lot).

What’s missing is a comprehensive, open, re-usable collection of all this information. That’s why I built the Dystopia Tracker.

What is the Dystopia Tracker?

What can I do with it?

  • Explore: Browse predictions about the future, by title (everything from «Brave New World»), category (everything related to «State & Control» or source types (everything from TV series).
  • Contribute: Add predictions from books, movies, games, tv-series that you know well. Edit existing entries to improve them. Translate existing entries.
  • Build upon: Embed predictions to your own website or articles to tell stories. Use the Dystopia Tracker API to build your own application or visualisation with the data.

Why so pessimistic?

Who’s behind this?

What’s next?

How can I help?

» Launch Dystopia Tracker



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